Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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For more than 200 years we Owens women have been blamed by everything that’s ever gone wrong in this town.

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Everyone always stops me from complaining, being angry, or having any emotion other than happy. I get really fucking sick of it. I’m sorry if I get caught up on things a lot but when it’s about something that can REALLY AFFECT MY FUCKING LIFE. I’d like to rant and rage and cry if I really fucking want to! AND AS OFTEN AS I FEEL THAT WAY! I know it’s not gonna change anything but bad things happen when you bottle shit up. 

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"My sister’s homemade Marie Antoinette costume in 5th grade (Source)

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viα enginesinrepairBloody Fairy Tales ;  Snow White 

Skin whiter than snow. Lips redder than blood. A thirst darker than her blackened heart. Snow White dies as a young, kindly maiden hunted by an evil queen, she is reborn as a dark, vampire princess in a glass coffin with two puncture wounds in her neck and a sudden, unholy lust for blood. She serves her own venom heart to the evil queen and watches with glee as the poison chokes her to death. But, she has no interest in the kingdom of the living. This undying princess has set her eyes on a bigger, darker kingdom. She will drink and bathe in her enemies blood, she will overthrow Dracula, and Hades and even Death himself until she is queen. Until she is the Queen.  

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